~ Champagne Dress Installation ~

(Available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Melbourne & Perth)

Wow your guests from the moment of their arrival with our sensational, living art-piece champagne hostess installation.

Modelling our exclusive ‘champagne skirt’ with a combo of wearable art + showgirl extravegance, our magnificent model hostess offers a delightful centrepiece to meet & greet your guests during pre-dinner service or specialty cocktail events.

~ Strolling Tables ~

Why serve your guests the old fashioned way when you could have our elegant Table Beauties WOW them with grace, beauty & creativity? These stunning, interactive installations are a beautiful addition to any event and a very stylish way to make your desserts stand out, or have canapés make a statement. Our strolling tables make the perfect accompaniment to our sensational Champagne skirt installation for a pre-dinner or cocktail event to remember!

 ~ Creative Canape Hostesses ~ 

Bring pre-dinner atmosphere alive with this creative approach to canapé (or champagne pouring) service for your guests. Our talented costumiers & entertainment stylists offer bespoke creations that highlight your chosen event theme, venue &/or creative vision.


Contact us today for ideas on how we can add our signature spectacle to your industry event!

Service with a difference!…